30-gallon capacity.
Uses standard 30-gallon trash/recycling bags.
Compatible with 30-gallon Glad®, Hefty®, and other bags.


Assembled size:
19.0” width x 10.5″ depth x 25.0” height.
Collapsed size (for storage): 29.5” x 25.0”


Corrugated fiberboard (cardboard).
Made from 59% recycled content.
Made from 26% post-consumer content.
100% recyclable.

Products are not recommended for use in wet or damp conditions such as rain or snow, or for use on wet or damp surfaces.

Designed and manufactured in California.


Pop the bin open. Voila!

Line the bin with a 30-gallon trash or recycling bag. Pull the bag down a few inches to cover the handle openings.

Slip the collar over the bag.

Push the side tabs on the collar into the corresponding openings in the bin to secure the collar and keep the bag from slipping. Enjoy!

To change or remove the bag, slide the collar off and remove the bag. To store the bin, push on the bottom of the bin to release the self-locking bottom and collapse the bin. Re-use or recycle! Bins are 100% recyclable.